Florida Covid Update – 59,487 new cases and one death have been reportedly added to state toll on Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So far, the county has reported 62,542 deaths due to Covid and 4,419,665 confirmed cases in total.

“At South Florida hospitals where beds continue to fill with patients who have COVID-19, most of whom are unvaccinated, there is no longer a silver lining in the evidence that omicron is milder than previous versions of the virus”, Miami Herald Tweeted.

In the last week, after the sudden Covid surge across the country after the holidays, solely Florida reported 58,216 confirmed cases and 22 average daily deaths, as per Herald calculations of CDC data.

Each Florida country has been marked as “high” in community transmission rate, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To be considered “high” in transmission rate, average daily cases per every 100,000 in the last week need to be higher or equal to 100.

All the counties in South Florida are way past this minimum.

According to the CDC data, Miami-Dade counted 3,678:100,000 new cases each day from December 29 to January 4. Broward County’s Covid rate is 2,496, Palm Beach is 1,656, and Monroe County stands at 1,287.

The positivity ratio in Miami-Dade from December 27 to January 2 showed 35.3% confirmed cases, 36% in Palm Beach, 38.4% in Broward, and 32.8% in Monroe.

In Florida, 63.6% of the total population have gotten both the Moderna and Pfizer series doses. The percentage included those well who received Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine, reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CDC’s data of vaccinated people in Manatee County and South Florida.

  • Miami-Dade County – 80.7% (2,193,909) of the total population have been fully vaccinated.
  • Broward County – 68% (1,327,001) of the total population have received both doses.
  • Palm Beach County – 63.6% (951,448) of the total population are completely vaccinated against Covid.
  • Monroe County – 74.8% (55,544) population is completely vaccinated against Covid.
  • Manatee County – 59.2% (238,668) of the total population have given both doses.

“We’re seeing so many cases in so many different persons that it’s extremely disruptive to society as a whole,” said Dr. Carla McWilliams, infectious disease and quality and safety chief at Cleveland Clinic Florida. “Teachers, police officers, firefighters, the same holds for hospitals like us. … It is very difficult for us to manage hospital operations when we have hundreds of employees out with COVID-19.”