Mountain hiking brings out the adventurous side of any human being. The curiosity to discover and conquer the peak of a mountain gives an adrenaline rush to the individuals. It’s an adventure that challenges you physically. Hiking provides an opportunity to discover nature.

We have enlisted some of the most amazing mountain trails from California to Maine to bring out the adventurous side of yours. It’s high time to plan your next summit beforehand.

Flattop Mountain, Colorado

The hike to this rocky mountain involves an immense rhetoric workout. You have to cover almost a 9-mile round trip to reach the summit at 1200 feet. The trail can easily be accessed by the park’s bus shuttle service and the hikers tend to enjoy the spectacular lush green meadows. The awesome view of the front range of the Colorado Rockies and the neighboring peaks is breathtakingly beautiful.

Mount Katahdin, Maine

This trail is known to be the best in the northern terminus of the Appalachian trail. It attracts a number of hikers. The summit is almost 5000 feet high with a 10-mile round trip hike. With a spectacular camping site at the top, available, you can plan for a fulfilling overnight trip.

Humbug Mountain, Oregon

This is the tallest mountain in the region overlooking the ocean. It gives the hikers a beautiful dramatic view of the Pacific. It’s an 8.2-kilometer-long loop trail that features wildflowers. It is primarily used for hiking and running. You can access this trail all year round.

Marin Headlands, California

This hiking trail is literally a stone’s throw away from the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It presents a spectacular view in the spring season when the flowers are in full bloom. The best thing about this mountain trail is that it provides recreational terrain right next to a major metropolitan city.

Youghiogheny Loop, Pennsylvania

As the name depicts, this is located on the Youghiogheny river. It is considered an ideal place for hiking amidst the splashing white waters. It is a flat scenic trail that goes deep through Pennsylvania’s Ohiopyle State Park. Along the trail, you will find small waterfalls and beautiful old trees.

Algonquin Peak, New York

It is one of the oldest trails that has been used by hikers for many years. The Adirondacks were one of the first places which attracted adventurous hikers. This peak is located near Lake Placid. It usually takes six hours to cover a distance of 8.2 miles.

Highline Trail, Montana

The Highline trail located in Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful and scenic hiking trails in the US. It mesmerizes you completely with the U-shaped Alpine Canyon right in your view when you face the cliff. It stretches 7.6 miles from Logan Pass to Granite Park and then further continues for 11.9 miles.

Wheeler Peak, New Mexico

This is the highest peak in New Mexico and it dominates the Sangre de Cristo range nearby. The 8-mile trail runs through the Carson National Forest. It leads you to the very end of the rocky southern mountain range.

Mountain Rainier, Washington

14,410 feet above sea level, Mount Rainier is truly an icon in the Washington landscape. Situated in Pacific Northwest National Park, 60 miles away south of Seattle, it is the highest peak in the Cascades. This big mountain looms over the city and the trail runs through the country meadows. The climbing season starts in May and runs through September. It takes six to eight hours to climb this mountain, depending on weather conditions. Most people even take two days to hike the mountain.