Anyone would be happy with a little bit of extra cash in their pocket as it might come in handy when you are in a tight spot. We are talking about a few dollars and not thousands or millions. It is good to save money, but sometimes it is not possible to save much considering the amount you earn. So what other options you have to make extra cash? Let’s find out!

1Drive for Uber

If you have a driving license and it is clean, it would be a very good idea to drive with Uber or any other ride-hailing service. You will require a car. The good thing with these companies is that you can work as per your own schedule.

2Sell Old Games or Books on Amazon

Amazon is a huge marketplace, and it is quite easy to sell your gaming devices and old books there. If your collection is good, you can make more than enough money for your goodies. Your buyer should know about all the defects of what you’re selling, no matter how small. That will reduce problems for you in the future.

3Delivery for PostMates

Not just PostMates, many delivery services pay you for delivering stuff to the person who ordered it. A bike would be faster and easier. You will get your hourly fee plus tips from customers.

4Answering Questions on Just Answer

If you have good knowledge and are either a lawyer, doctor, engineer, or any other profession, you can answer questions on Just Answer and earn money.

5Gigs on Fiverr

No matter what you are good at, we are sure that you will find a gig on Fiverr. You would be especially lucky if you know web design, graphic design, audio/video creation, editing, or writing.

6Dog Walking

Many platforms set you up with dog owners who don’t have the time or energy to walk their pets. That is why they pay others to do the job for them. Rover is one huge network that offers these services.


Do you have the eye of a photographer? You can sell the pictures you have taken on iStockPhoto or Shutterstock. If you get good reviews on these platforms, you could generate a good amount of income.


If you are good at a certain subject, you should take advantage of that. You could go on or to find some tutoring opportunities. Of course, you could use your social media or personal network to find clients.

9Home Organizer

Are you good at organizing and tidying up spaces? Then you could use this skill to earn some money. Sites such as will connect you with clients who desperately need your help.

10Blood Donation

You may already know this, but let us say it again: You can sell your blood too. You can earn money by donating your blood or even plasma. It would be used by people who need it the most.


It may intimidate some people, but if you do everything right, you could earn a decent amount of money quickly. Webinar Jam and GoToWebinar are two platforms that let you earn cash for attending webinars.

12Flipping Real Estate Contracts

If you flip the real estate contracts without ever taking possession of the property and sell it to another party, you could earn money. You won’t be buying property; you would be just securing the contract. REWW can teach you how to do this.