The country is going to see the highest number of homeless people by the end of 2020. It is because they are running out of the protections that they used to have against their properties.

People are going to get evicted during the pandemic since they are not able to cover their properties under the insurance protection. In one way or the other, the authorities will have to intervene to get the people evicted.

Many people have lost their jobs during this pandemic and have been exhausting their savings. Even if someone had not got the coronavirus, they are suffering from it indirectly.

The economy is struggling, and it is nowhere near to be as good as it used to be before the lockdown. The fear among people of losing their homes is getting stronger.

People are crying for help as they fear that they are soon going to be evicted from their homes. They work hard throughout their lives and getting evicted is the last thing on their mind.

There are 14 million households who fear that they will be evicted in the near future. Many people are in rental debt and around five million people are going to get notices about eviction.

People are suffering while Congress is stalling the relief package, which is supposed to help financially strained citizens. Meanwhile, states are running out of money and they are not able to support their citizens either.

People have fewer protections against eviction and no relief is being considered in this regard. Many small businesses have already been closed down, which are the back bone of the economy.

The pro bono attorneys are under a pile of eviction cases and this is a never-seen-before situation. People visit attorneys not only for eviction cases, but also for various other cases like credit card debts. These are unprecedented times and the government should devise a strategy to control it before things continue to spiral.