Maintaining health must not be confused with myths because it is not a stone age where you work with myths and remedies. It is now time to divide fiction from realities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Men are usually very carefree when it comes to visiting a doctor for their health concerns as compared to women. It is evident as per the survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), which indicates that the rate of examination and prevention visits of women are 100% higher as compared to male. The reason is still undiscoverable as why men hate going for their regular checkups? Let’s discuss 20 worst men’s health myths that absolutely make no sense:

  1. One myth related to men’s baldness is that it is related to the mother gene pool. This myth is entirely ridiculous.
  2. Wearing a hat or helmet is the primary reason for baldness in men because helmet and hat would scrap your hair out of your scalp.
  3. Another myth about prostate cancer it that it would be the most common cancer among men, but in reality, skin cancer causes more deaths than it.
  4. Another funny myth about prostate cancer that everyone should have to get it checked annually. Well, it is recommended for those who crossed their 50 to get it checked annually to make sure that they free from it.
  5. Consuming more protein will build up muscle is another common myth among men. But this myth is valid only in the case of those who train hard or go to gym!
  6. Preparing the protein shake right after the gym covers the total calorie intake throughout the day. This is entirely not true.
  7. Another myth about health is cutting the calorie amount will help to reduce weight. Which is so not true! You have to look for foods in low calories amount but high in fiber and water content.
  8. Men do not need sunblock because they have got natural inbuilt sunscreen in their skin. Studies found that skin cancer is even more common in men because of this problem.
  9. Older men are not that strong as compared to younger men. This myth is not correct as bones get older with time, but the critical strategy is to look out the ways to challenge your body to keep it fit.
  10. Another myth is more shaving will result in more hair, but the part of hair you shaved is the dead one which does not have any effect on the skin.
  11. Depression is not for men. This is not correct because depression can hit any person despite any gender classification.
  12. Snoozing for long hours on the weekend can catch up with the lost sleep. A research found that your ten hours’ sleep can cover your previous sleep lost.
  13. Discarding favorite food to lose weight. One can add these favorite meals in cheat days to satisfy himself mentally.
  14. You need to work hard in the gym to get healthy like an athlete. Men need to stop it because they can add a few hours in the gym to fit that is perfect for them.
  15. Only young men need vaccination. To some extent, it is valid, but some vaccination life flu or tetanus must be done to be saved from any health issues.
  16. Snoring is for every man. Instead, men and women both snores because of sleeping posture, allergies, and block airways.
  17. Do not eat carbs! But in reality, carbs must be consumed but in portion vice.
  18. One of the biggest myths which is usually spread by doctors is that you use only 10% of your brain.
  19. You cannot reduce weight with high calories beer but low wise beer also contains sugar.
  20. Breast cancer is can only be developed in women. The truth is men can also develop breast cancer.