For the upcoming second impeachment trial of the former President Donald Trump, senators have been appointed as jurors. Senator Rand Paul raised a point of order claiming that since Trump has left office and is no longer the President, an impeachment trial should be considered unconstitutional in this regard.

The Senate has voted 55-45 to go ahead with the impeachment trial, with five of the Republican Senators supporting the Democrats in their bid to impeach the former President.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has claimed that he would remain impartial on whether the impeachment trial should take place and has voted that the debate on the issue should continue.

The impeachment trial has been postponed until February 8 since the Senate has approved a resolution on pre-trial.

Paul has also claimed that he will receive enough support and they will not be able to go ahead with the impeachment. He further added that they’re wasting time because even if 34 people are in favor of his resolution, it will mean the Democrats don’t have enough votes.

To convict Trump, a minimum of 67 votes are required which counts as a two-thirds majority of the Senate.

The Republicans believe that the impeachment trial would divide the nation and are demanding that since Trump is no longer President, they should leave the issue behind.

According to the Constitution, the Chief Justice of the US is supposed to preside over the proceedings when a President is charged; however, Chief Justice John Roberts has refused to do so since Trump is out of office. Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy will be overseeing the proceedings.

The Former White House Chief of Staff stated in a tweet that he believes the second impeachment trial will fail again. He also applauded Paul and the GOP Senators who voted against the trial.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has argued that Paul had not considered the Article of the Constitution which allows impeachment to prevent an individual from taking the Office again.