The coronavirus has changed our perspective of life. The pandemic has affected the international community like never before. Tourism was one of the worst-hit sectors in the wake of the pandemic, as this particular business sector lost billions of dollars, and a large number of people were forced to leave their jobs.

Travelers around the world were forced to quarantine, or to shun their plans, because of the travel restrictions in the wake of the coronavirus.

But worry not!

In this article, we bring you the 5 must-travel destinations within the US for you to explore during the pandemic. The access is easy and the travel does not require the mandatory COVID-19 negative tests.

Austin, Texas

Austin is home to musicians, hippies, cowboys, and fitness buffs. It has made progress rapidly in the past few years, and the city is bursting with start-ups and entrepreneurs. The city has amazing restaurants and cocktail bars.

The weather in Austin allows for an outdoor trail to wander and is a haven for water sports lovers. If you plan to travel, include Austin in your itinerary.

Upstate, New York

Upstate, New York is the place to explore this summer. Having a waterfall to aid the growing urge to hike, the Upstate will surprise you. From hiking to visiting the local farms and plucking the seasonal fruits yourself, this is a traveling adventure that you will love.

Malibu, California

Malibu California has always been a popular tourist destination among celebrities, so you can always spot a celebrity roaming on the beach at any time of the year. Malibu is blessed with natural beauty and the sheer, pristine coastline makes it more attractive. Apart from the scenic seashore, Malibu offers an array of different activities like surfing, water sports, etc.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a multicultural city of the United States. With a diversified population, it is a place you must visit. From experiencing Mexican American culture among the natives to enjoying Szechuan cuisine in the Chinatown, while having the Swedish pastries as dessert; this city offers all.

California Gold Country

If you want to experience the life of the 19th-century colonial era, California Gold Country should be on your travel list this summer. It is located in the north of San Francisco. It has small towns of Murphys, Placerville, and Sonora which are dotted with antique buildings and shops. It has small boutiques which sell hand-crafted candles, and serve you the most authentic Italian cuisine.

The above-mentioned destinations were shortlisted to satiate the travel-genie inside. You can visit these places during the pandemic, but you must follow the precautions. Visit these places to have the experience of your lifetime.