At least five people were killed as a string of powerful tornadoes hit Alabama, Georgia, and other southern states This is the second line of severe storms that slammed the southern states in a period of two weeks.

According to the National Weather Service, the tornadoes lashed Alabama and Georgia. There have been reports of destroyed homes, knocked down trees, and people trapped and injured.

According to, there were more than 35,000 people isolated in their homes without power in these two states.

Calhoun County Coroner Pat Brown confirmed that five people lost their lives in the deadly tornadoes. All of them were believed to be adults. He further claimed that three family members were reportedly killed inside a wooden house in Ohatchee, a small town in east Alabama after a tornado hit the area around 3 pm. Another man lost his life in a mobile home while a woman lost her life in Wellington, Alabama.

The NWS had predicted multiple intense tornadoes with fast-blowing winds (almost hurricane force). Thunderstorms with high intensity are predicted to hit the areas in Kentucky and Indiana as well.

Long-track tornado is the name given to twisters that carve up from the ground and can have a devastating impact on the area where it strikes.

Tennessee also issued warnings to its citizens for a tornado watch as several counties have directed their local residents to move in confined places.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey declared an emergency across the state, as severe weather is predicted to linger on for the next coming days.

The National Weather Service announced that almost 50 million people will be affected by the severe weather across Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama.