Being the President of the United States seems like a dream job to many. People consider this position as something that would give them access to various perks and benefits. Certainly, there are advantages that come with this position, but there are a few disadvantages attached to it too. As there is a societal norm that every member of the society must adhere to, the White House also has such rules for its residents.

First and foremost, there is a very unusual practice that has been followed throughout the history of the White House. The residents are not permitted to open the windows. In an interview with Michelle Obama on a famous TV show, she commented on the unusual practices being conducted at home. She remarked how she had missed opening windows and letting some fresh air in.

The president of the United States is not allowed to declare war on any country. That power lies with Congress under the constitution of the United States. The declaration of war has been made 11 times in history.

The president of the United States is not allowed to declareThe third oddity is that the first family is not allowed to call in movers when they move to the house. The first family can obtain services of movers and can choose the mover of their choice but they can’t let them into the White House. Access to the White House is restricted and no one, except the staff, is allowed to enter.

Along with so many perks that the first family loses when they enter the White House, they have to say goodbye to driving as well. No one is allowed to drive on public roads as per safety protocols. The only president that had the privilege was Lyndon B. Johnson.

As the first family enters the White House the responsibility of personalizing the house lies with the first lady. The family is allowed to remodel two of the floors according to their preferences. Yet many rooms and floors cannot be touched. The first lady may choose and appoint interior designers of their choice to remodel their home. The budget allotment is worth $100,000 for decorations.