People who are obsessed with their skins, are always in search of new tips and tricks to keep their skin flawless. People are always searching for ingredients that could do any magical effect on their skin so that their skin looks clearer, fresh, shiny, and glow.
People jump into the internet and search for new methods and ingredients that they have never used before just to try their luck, but not everything on the internet is accurate. And it’s not always about the internet, people on their own try to do experimentations on their skins sometimes by mixing two beauty ingredients imagining that it will boost make them look flawless, but you should not be the one to do that because the magic you are trying to do can do the opposite to what you are expecting.

Ingredients You Should Not Mix

There are some ingredients that you can mix for better results and there are some you should not try to mix ever. Consider the following things that you should never try to mix for the benefit of your skin.

OIL AND WATER:- If you are a science student then you must have an idea about oil and water incompatibility. We have studied that oil and water never mix so when you try to mix some oil-based ingredients with any water-based product, it will not benefit your skin. The oil will start appearing on your skin if you apply both ingredients one after another.

VITAMIN-C + ACID:- Vitamin C is not essentially an acid but contains acidic properties and acidic pH levels. When we mix vitamin C with any acid like glycolic acid or salicylic acid, there are dangers that the total pH level of the final product will be disturbed. This situation can result in changing the pH of your skin cells.

VITAMIN C AND NIACINAMIDE:- Vitamin C and niacinamide are separately good antioxidants for protecting your skin from various free- radicals and are also good for getting clear and glowing skin. However, when mixed these two elements can cause redness and allergic reactions on the skin resulting in acne.

ACID + ACID:- Do not mix any acidic components with some other acidic components such as glycolic acid with salicylic acid. It can disturb the pH level of your skin and can have serious effects.

Ingredients You Can Mix For Better Results

Some ingredients can prove fruitful and double the magic when mixed. Go through the following tips for mixing the right ingredients:

GLYCERIN AND RETINOL:- Glycerin is an excellent moisturizer and retinol is a dry element. When mixed with glycerin, the dry properties of retinol reduce and both ingredients work well together. People with extra oily skin can use retinol alone but those who have dry skin can add a little glycerin into it.

5 Skin-Care Ingredients You Should Never MixVITAMIN C AND ANY SUNSCREEN:- Vitamin C when added to any sunscreen can double the magic. Vitamin C itself works as a sunscreen but when added with another one, it becomes a strong shield against the sun. Moreover, vitamin C also performs its role as an antioxidant.

VITAMIN C AND E:- Vitamin C and E, both work as excellent antioxidants and fight against free-radicals present in the environment and the skin. When mixed they become a sunscreen and you don’t need to apply any additional sunscreen.

GLYCERINE AND ROSEWATER:- Glycerin shouldn’t be used alone because of its hot properties. If used alone it creates burning effects on the skin. Therefore, glycerin should be mixed with rose water or a little bit of lemon juice to deal with skin disorders, dryness, dullness, etc.

OLIVE OIL AND CASTOR OIL:- Olive oil and castor oil are both famous for their benefits. You can mix any two oils that you feel are compatible with your skin and apply them as a moisturizer. Especially in colder weather, the skin needs to be moisturized and oils are better than other chemical containing products.