Now parents can conveniently check their Child tax credit updates via the IRS’ Child Tax Credit Portal as the tax payments up to $300 going to hit their bank accounts.

The Americans who have signed up for receiving the Child tax credit payment must check their bank account details when the portal says “the payment has been delivered”, according to CNET recommendations.

When the check deposits in your account, it will show as CHILDCTC. If this does not appear, it means your check has been delayed.

If your bank account information that the IRS has is not up to date, you might face difficulty retrieving your check as it will get stuck in the post.

Those caught up in tax-related identity theft issues will probably face delays in receiving their payments as the IRS will be looking into their issues. If the issues are not sorted till the next month, taxpayers will get their payments next year.

When the payments are under process they get late and do not reach the taxpayers on time. In fact, more than 700,000 families did not get their September checks due to a technical glitch in the IRS system, told CNET.

Citizens can even file for tracking if they don’t receive their payments by the week’s end of the week. However, if you send the request for a check electronically, you should ideally wait five days before launching a payment tracking.

If your tax payment is coming via post, then you will have to wait for four weeks. Moreover, if your payment is being delivered to a foreign country address, you cannot launch a tracking request until 2022.

Taxpayers with kids under the age of six will receive $300, while those whose dependents aged 6 to 17 will receive $250.

To become eligible for Child tax payment, a couple has to earn less than $150,000.however, for single parents, the limit is $112,500.

Those who signed up in November will receive their initial monthly payment on December 15. And those who want to unsubscribe, Nov 29 is the last date.

Divorced parents who have joint custody and now want to opt-out can do it before the deadline to claim the Child tax payments separately on their incomes.

However, others can also do so if they want to receive a beefy return next year or avoid paying back to the IRS.