Spiders belong to the class arthropods. There are more than 45,000 known species of spiders all over the world. They are as smaller as 0.1 inches and as bigger as 1 foot. They eat flies and insects by trapping them in their web. They suck all the nutrients from their food and leave their skin. All the spiders produce silk but not all of them make webs.
They use this silk for climbing up and down and other purposes. Common spiders do not bite humans, but rare and deadly spiders do. The bite of fewer than thirty species out of 45,000 can be proven fatal. A person bitten by a deadly spider doesn’t die if medicated immediately. In the case of no medication, the person may die. The death rate of people bitten by spiders is low.

The reason behind this is that the venom of even the deadliest spiders is to kill tiny and small creatures. Humans are pretty big creatures that’s why venom takes time in spreading to the entire body. Moreover, doctors and pharmacologists have invented various antitoxins to treat spider bites. Still, there are some deadliest spiders that can cause death if treatment is not provided immediately. Following are the top six deadliest spiders in the world;

1) The Six-Eyed Sand Spider

The six-eyed sand spider is also called Hexophthalma Namibia, scientifically. It belongs to the family Sicariidae. It has small hair on his body and six eyes. It is found in Southern Africa and America. It is famous for its hiding abilities and it is believed that their total number may be close to two hundred thousand. Its venom can cause serious and life-threatening wounds. It bites if accidentally contacted.

2) The Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse spider is also called Loxosceles Reclusa. It belongs to the family Sicariidae. It has a necrotic venom. It is mostly found in Florida. It causes necrotic lesions in humans. It only bites when accidentally enters in your clothes and contacts your skin. Severe pain and swelling with redness is possible on the bitten area. Urgent medication is necessary to save a person.

3) The Black Widow Spider

The Black widow spider is also called Latrodectus Mactans. It belongs to the family Theridiidae. This family of spiders is notorious for all. The black widow has a red mark on its abdomen which is its identification mark. They are found in temperate regions all around the world. Its venom is 15 times stronger than snakes. If immediate medical attention is not provided, the victim can definitely die. Bites can be even more dangerous for children and the elderly. These spiders bite only in self-defense.

4) The Brown Widow Spider

The brown widow spider is also called Latrodetus Geometricus. It belongs to the family Theridiidae. It is a cousin of the black widow. It is sometimes called the grey widow. It is found in Southern California, the US, and South Africa. It is identified by stripes on its legs. It also has a mark on its abdomen called an hourglass, in orange color. It makes its web on woody plants, homes, and corners. Brown widow cannot inject as much venom as its cousins can, that’s why it’s a little bit less deadly.

5) The Red Widow Spider

The red widow spider is also called, Latrodectus Bishop. It belongs to the family Theridiidae. It is red in color with a black abdomen. It is found in Southeast Florida. Males and immature spiders do not bite. It is also a relative of a brown and black widow. Its bite causes muscle spasms. It has two small red marks on its abdomen.

6) The Yellow Sac Spider

The black-footed, yellow sac spider is also called Cheiracanthium Inclusum. It belongs to the family Cheiracanthiidae. They are pale yellow in color with a yellow abdomen. It is famous as a night-time hunter of prey. It is found in the United States and England. It bites more than any other spider.