There’s no doubt about the impact of the pandemic on the global economy. It has locked humans in their own houses. To cease the spread of the disease, many countries applied complete or partial lockdown in order to maintain social distancing.

A lot of people lost their jobs, especially domestic workers. Millions of people are unable to work. And people have restricted buying and selling on a large scale – a practice which has affected a lot of businesses. People are not travelling and many offices are closed.

The covid-19 pandemic has not yet ended. The year 2020 has been a year of loss and no gain for many people.

The lockdown has been partially lifted in various countries of the world with proper rules and regulations, but people are still wondering if they will get jobs or not. Around 67% of Canadian students worry whether they will get jobs or not.

67% of Canadian students worry they won’t get a job

The crisis has affected the economical and social activities of Canadians like it has done with the rest of the world. Canadians are going through difficult times.

According to the Government of Canada, 7,423,052 people were tested on the first of October from which 160,535 people tested positive. Total active cases in Canada are 14,866 whereas 136,350 have recovered and 9,319 people have died. And the pandemic has made students worried about their future.

Few students might be waiting and working hard to graduate this year, but the pandemic has disrupted their plans. Recently graduated students are trying to find jobs but failing at it due to the pandemic and those who had jobs, lost their jobs. Now people are worried about their future?

According to Statistics Canada, the employment rate of students has fallen from 52.5% (in Feb) to 29.8% (in April).
Students suffering from the pandemic reported that 28% had a job, 18% were about to gain employment and 22% were looking for jobs and then the coronavirus happened and ruined everything. Around 58% of people fear losing their jobs permanently and 67% have lost hope of finding a job again.


At present, nobody knows what will happen next and how much time the system will take to bounce back.

The present condition of coronavirus all over the world is still not better enough to start the activities of daily life again. Several countries have partially recovered but there are not enough reasons to end the lockdown completely.