Late this Tuesday, an earthquake struck close to the Pacific Resort City, Mexico, causing buildings to sway and rock – thankfully, reports suggest no serious damage and injuries have happened thus far.

Social media is flooded with videos and images of swaying buildings and people trying to maintain their balance during an alleged aftershock. 

In an interview with Milenio, Adela Roman, Acapulco’s mayor, revealed, “There are nervous breakdowns, people are worried because there have been aftershocks,” she added there are “many gas leaks in many places,” landslides, and fallen walls around the city.  

Hector Astudillo, Guerrero’s governor, said the news from Wall Street Journal reported one death caused by a falling post in an area of Acapulco.

As per the Geological Survey of the US, the earthquake was about 16 kilometers from Northeast Roman city. 

With 7.0 magnitude, the earthquake caused buildings in the nearby region to swing in Mexico City, just about 322 kilometers away. In some parts of Mexico, people reported experiencing shaking ground for like a minute or more. The buildings’ in charge asked the residents to evacuate the buildings.

Earlier, there were no reports that the authorities received regarding the damage in Mexico City. However, some areas faced power outages for a while as one of the residents of Acapulco reported, “We heard a loud noise from the building, noise from the windows, things fell inside the house, the power went out,” and added that “We heard leaking water, the water went out of the pool and you heard people screaming, very nervous people.”

Flores, a resident, said it was such a terrifying moment that all he could do was to hug her wife as they were so close to death. 

“We were all worried about some change in the sea, but so far authorities have not said anything about a tsunami alert,” – he told the news outlets.

The makeup artist Claudia shared her experience, “I was at home with my mom and my dogs and the seismic alert started to sound. My mother was in another room, and I started to call her. The house started moving, and in the last part of the earthquake, the power went out, and we couldn’t see anything. We just saw some things falling.”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the country’s president, posted a tweet on Twitter before receiving the news of one casualty, saying the authorities from the 4 states have not reported any serious damage so far, but some rocks falling and walls collapsing. 

Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission announced on Twitter that 1.6 million people would be suffering power outages in the city, including Morelos, Guerrero, and Oaxaca states. 

The National Civil Defense of Mexico has been conducting interviews and reviewing ten states after the earthquake. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said the city is no more under the threat of receiving potential aftershocks. 

This Tuesday, Mexico suffered an Earthquake four years after the 8.2 magnitudes that hit the country from the coast of Chiapas and destroyed the Juchitan town and the nearby areas in the Oaxaca state, killing dozens of souls.