People, nowadays, are more interested and engaged in regional and international affairs. Conveying information about what is happening all around the globe is the duty of news broadcasters. The inception of conveying information regarding worldly affairs started through radios and newspapers. The system started growing day by day and the final product of this became social media news channels and platforms. These new sources of information are working day in and day out to update people with the current affairs of the world. There are not few, but there are thousands of such sources all over the world because the scope of news services, today, is broader than ever. People want new stories every day and this job is exceptionally performed by these social media news broadcasters.

Following are the 8 best independent news sources in the world:

1) Twitter

2) The New York Times

3) BBC News

4) Al-Jazeera

5) Real-Clear World

6) Reddit

7) BuzzFeed

8) Yahoo News

Let’s get straight into the explanation of how these channels work.


Twitter is an American-based social network. On Twitter, people can search and find topics of their interest and receive new updates from the pages they are following. Not every news channel provides this service of choosing your news yourself but Twitter does. More than half of the people of the world use Twitter as a source of all the latest news and updates.

The New York Times

The New York Times, commonly known as The Times, is an American newspaper and also a channel. It is called the national newspaper in America. This platform has been working since 1896 and the purpose is to provide the American people with information regarding the happenings in their country. It also publishes magazines and book reviews.

BBC News

BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation and works as a broadcaster of news and current affairs of all around the globe. It covers every social aspect, i.e., sports, politics, etc.

It operates from central London and has been working since 1922, starting with radio transmissions and newspapers.

Real-Clear World

Real Clear World is a news broadcaster and commentary network owned by the owner of Real Clear Politics and Real Clear Media. It is the smartest news broadcasting network. It was founded in the year 2000 in Chicago.


Reddit is an American-based news broadcasting website. It was first founded by the University of Virginia in 2005. There are millions of Reddit users in the world and are called “Redditors”. They can post their content on the website and can also comment on each other’s posts.


Al-Jazeera is a Qatar-based network primarily state-owned by Doha, Qatar. It is a global news broadcasting organization. It is providing its services on television and the internet in several languages. Al-Jazeera is the only channel that covered the War of Afghanistan live. It covers all the Islamic perspectives and is the only Islamic social network with 80 bureaus all around the world.


Buzz Feed News is also an American news broadcasting website that was published by BuzzFeed, an American internet media. It was founded in 2011. BuzzFeed won the News Journalist award in 2014, three years after its invention. It also won a News Broadcasting award in 2016. BuzzFeed became a successful news broadcasting channel in no time.


Yahoo News is a news broadcasting website that was founded by Yahoo! Owner and software engineer Brad Clawsie in 1996. It was ranked as the sixth most visited site in 2019. Yahoo allows its users to comment and discuss news articles.