The daily rate of coronavirus infections has crossed the 200,000 mark and continues to spiral out of control.

The Trump administration’s coronavirus task force has announced that the President has a detailed plan in place for vaccine distribution; however, they are still advising that people take necessary precautions.

According to John Hopkins University, the cases spiked up to 228,000 during Thanksgiving. However, they have now been reduced to 213,875 cases. According to experts, the cases emerging from traveling and large gatherings over the holiday have not been fully reported.

There were 2,254 new deaths reported during this time. For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the death toll has exceeded 2,000.

According to the COVID Tracking Project, the number of hospitalizations has reached 101,190.

Recently, a decision has been made to impose a second lockdown in California on 84% population, which includes Southern California, Central Valley, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Southern California, Central Valley, and the San Francisco Bay Area.According to the state’s public health department, the intensive care capacity has decreased to below the 15% threshold. The lockdown has been initiated in response to this, which entails businesses being shut down as well as gathering being banned. This lockdown will last for three weeks, during the Christmas holidays as well.

This lockdown is going to be the strictest since the initial nationwide lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic. The rest of the state is predicted to follow the same restrictions soon and many areas have already imposed the new order before its start date.

More than 1.3 million cases have been reported in California and hospitalizations have exceeded 9,000 with above 2,000 patients in the ICU.

Southern California only has 12.5% of ICU beds available whereas San Joaquin Valley, Sierra Nevada, and Central Valley have 8.6%. The remaining regions including Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, and Greater Sacramento have 21% capacity.

The public health officer for Merced is insisting that people take the necessary precautions to protect themselves as well as other people because the rise in cases and hospitalizations is not stopping. San Francisco’s mayor has expressed fear that they will not be able to accommodate everyone who is sick unless the virus is slowed down.