This year marks 20 years to the incident of 9/11, which ruins many homes and shook the entire country. 2 decades since the first tower hit the World Trade Center, and forever changed the course of U.S. ties with the South Asian region of Afghanistan. Many future foreign policies to come after the event, were the direct result of what happened and what we as a nation lost this day.

On this day, Americans throughout the country commemorate everyone affected by this brutal attack that took more than 3000 lives. This year is no different as ceremonies are held, all in their way, to remember what we lost, and what we have come through. President Joe Biden, along with many world leaders, offered messages of love, unity, solidarity as we mark the 20th year of 9/11.

Taking stock of the history as well as the present of this country is difficult right now. The U.S., after indulging in a continued war effort in Afghanistan against the war on terrorism, withdrew its troops from the region recently. As the Taliban take back the country, and we mark 20 years of their first attack of such an international scale, many are questioning the move of the withdrawal directly.

After all, the U.S. was in Afghanistan for ages to eradicate any future such unfortunate incidents after 9/11. But as pictures of the Taliban come from official government offices of Afghanistan, it is raising many questions for the U.S. withdrawal and the next moves on behalf of the foreign policy.