Attendees at the Academy Awards would not be required to cover their faces during the telecast on April 25.

In a zoom meeting, earlier this week between Academy officials, award nominees, studio and personal publicists announced that the awards show will be presented as a film or television event, as 93rd Academy Awards will be hosted at downtown Los Angeles’ renowned Union Station. It was also decided that those seen on camera during Sunday’s broadcast would not be needed to wear masks.

When attendees are not being filmed, it is decided that they must wear face coverings.

Additionally, the newspaper announced that the Academy disclosed that its audience would be limited to 170 people who will be rotated in the course of the event.  Nominees will be provided with a customized itinerary detailing their entry and exit from the ceremony.

Each entrant may be subjected to a temperature check prior to entry, and participants must also pass at least three covid tests in the days prior to the awards.

Bigger Roles for Presenters this Oscar

The Big Red Carpet event of this year would also be confined to three photographers. Additionally, news organizations’ podium placements are very limited, with each podium at least seven feet away from reporters and interviewees.

Meanwhile, the Academy also eliminated the often-hectic backstage press room in favor of an all-virtual format, leading to the largest press corps in Oscar history, representing hundreds of media houses from across the world.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported that approximately a third of the Oscars production budget was expended on enforcing Covid-19 safety protocols, which include specially designed study cadences to ensure timely results, as well as an on-site COVID safety team equipped with PCR testing capability.

The event’s masking guidelines are consistent with the description sent to attendees in March. According to these guidelines, the Oscars would be telecast like a movie. This involves a COVID protection team on-site with quick monitoring capabilities and specially crafted testing cadences to guarantee timely performance.