A 40-year-old man from California has been accused of murdering his infant children. The suspect, who was later identified as Matthew Taylor Coleman has been charged with foreign murder of the U.S nationals, said the U.S Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California.

Coleman has acknowledged killing his 10-month-old daughter and 2 years old son with a spearfishing gun. According to the findings of the investigation, the suspect was staying at a hotel in Tijuana, Mexico, with his two children.

On Monday, Coleman headed out of the hotel in the middle of the night with his children. He later returned around early morning, but the kids were nowhere in sight, confirmed Mexican authorities. Later, he left the hotel himself about three hours later.

Baja California prosecutor Hiram Sánchez Zamora’s office even provided security footage, which clearly showed Coleman’s departure with his children and his subsequent return without them. Just a few hours after he returned, Mexican authorities got a 911 call around 7.30 on Monday.

The call was made to inform authorities of the children’s bodies that were found near a ranch, a few miles away from the hotel itself. When authorities reported to the crime scene, they noted that the children had been thrown in a ditch with “large puncture wounds” to their chest.

According to the criminal complaint, Coleman had left his bloodied clothes and murder weapon near the creek, a few miles further from the ranch. Though Coleman had already made a run from Mexico, authorities caught him in San Diego, where he admitted murdering his infant children.

In a conversation with investigators, Coleman said that “his children were going to grow into monsters,” so they had to be killed immediately. The complaint also added how Coleman was intrigued by the Illuminati and QAnon conspiracy theories.

He also claimed that his wife had contributed towards giving the children a “serpent DNA.” Under investigation, Coleman even told officials the location of the murder, which matched the place where the authorities found the kids’ bodies.

The Santa Barbara Police Department affirmed that Colemans’ wife and the mother of the now-deceased children had previously reported the three missing. In a public statement on Tuesday, the mother said she was extremely concerned for their safety and wellness.

While speaking to the police, she claimed that her husband did not inform her of their whereabouts. Also, she believed that her husband would never compromise on the safety of their children. With the complaint, the authorities were able to find Coleman’s location in Mexico, via the Find My iPhone app. They used the same app later to catch him red-handed in San Diego.