Kent’s Isle of Sheppey is a perfect spot to spend your time after the lockdown.  The beach house has a wide porch and wooden shutters.

The inside has a marvelous design that captures the attention of the viewer within seconds. It has battery operated armchairs and amazing touches. An old sousaphone is used to craft the bathroom washbasin while lampshades are designed from cymbals.

In this time of crisis and stress, it is the perfect spot to run away from the world and relax. It is the place to complete those books that have been lying around for quite a long time. It’s the place to forget the worries about your children’s education and let them have fun.

This place gives you a vibe of relaxation that makes you want to dance around with pleasure and joy. The feeling you get from a weekend getaway at this location is not to be taken granted for. You can walk down the wooden steps in between a garden of grass and sea spurge. The beach is just beyond the fence.

The water of the beach is silky and warm making it perfect for swimming. It’s the best time to release the pressure of lockdown by having a swim there and forgetting about your worries for a while. You can have a bonfire at night amongst the woods and cool breeze blowing across the beach house. The bedrooms in the cabin are cozy, warm, and have a great view to enjoy.

a calming beach house on Kent’s Isle of SheppeyThe beach house has some very beautiful areas near it. Just a walking distance away, there’s Swale National Nature Reserve filled with purple sea lavenders. If you travel beyond the island, you would find the Brambledown Farm Shop.

It has delicious homemade honey and cheese produced by the Elmley Prison inmates. Walking further down the road, you would reach the Isle of Harty. Upon reaching the height of the hill, there’s a beautiful view of the old grazing marsh which is dotted by salt mounds on which the Romans had worked.

Ferry House Inn is a recently opened place that serves fresh food directly from its kitchen garden. To the north, there’s a classic Blue Town, which is a theatre where you can watch classic movies and order cream teas. The place is full of pleasant surprises.