There used to be simpler times when antipsychotic drugs were unheard of and the people who did know about such drugs were rare. In recent years, however, the consumption of antipsychotic drugs has seen an exponential increase. This is partly true because the modern world is having more and more people with mental disabilities and psychological problems.

But there is a lot more than just meets the eye. Abilify and Seroquel for example are two extremely powerful antipsychotics drugs. In 2011, these drugs were prescribed to millions.

Does the increase in consumption reflect an increase in need?

Well, bad news. Reports from medical experts and law enforcement agencies reflect that antipsychotic drugs have a lot more effects on the human mind and body than just rectifying the chemical imbalance. Apart from nullifying delusions and hallucinations, antipsychotic drugs are marked with effects like mood-stabilization and stimulation of pleasure provoking hormones in the brain cells.

Negligence on the part of Psychiatrists

A report suggested that psychiatrists have become dangerously insensitive while prescribing an antipsychotic. The report commented that the doctors must not forget the serious effects on the neurological system after long usage.

Manifold Pharmaceutical Companies – Are they any good?

In today’s technologically advanced world, we have multitudinous pharmaceutical companies, using the same chemical to produce, in theory, the same medication. However, marketing teams are designed only for one purpose and that is marketing. It genuinely takes a lot of creative mileage.

With so many medicines that have practically the same medical implications, access to antipsychotic drugs is now easier than ever and is becoming more and more commonplace.

This of course, thoroughly displeased some big names in the pharmaceutical business that are cashing in billions of dollars every year.