A three-year-old girl survived after being thrown more than 30 meters above the ground when she got entangled in the tail of a huge giant kite during a Taiwanese festival on Sunday, August 30.

The scene was filmed by many spectators in the town of Hsinchu where the event was taking place.

The huge kite quickly gives way to dread, when the crowd realizes that the little girl finds herself hanging on the tail, and carried high in the air.

For 31 seconds, the girl is tossed in the air by the powerful gusts. Spectators finally managed to catch up with her when the wind eased.

It took about 30 seconds before the child’s nightmare ended and she was brought back to land by the mob. Identified by her surname Lin, the girl suffered only minor cuts to her face, local media reported. According to the mayor of the city, the girl is traumatized by this experience.

Due to the incident, the festival organizers decided to suspend it.

The impressive scene was filmed by many spectators in the Taiwanese city of Hsinchu during a kite festival. The little girl, obviously traumatized, got away with only minor injuries.

“It happened in an instant,” told a spectator. The video has been viewed by more than 1.61 million people on social media.

People helped the girl get down when the wind eased and the kite came close to the ground.