After a Saturday afternoon shooting outside a funeral home in Indianapolis, a 4-year-old kid is in critical condition.

At 4.30 p.m, Police came on location to detect two gunshot injured persons, the girl of 16 years and an adult male, who were afterwards transported to a local EMS hospital.

Paramedics also took a 4-year-old girl into a children’s hospital in critical condition after police observed the mother trying to move the child herself.

In addition, two adult males sustaining gunshot wounds, which were treated and discharged from a neighboring hospital, have been reported to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police.

Shooting began in the funeral parking lot, according to authorities.

The IMPD Speaker said on Saturday night that preliminary data from the location showed that the male adult was left off at a parking lot of the funeral home, and then began chatting to another person waiting in a vehicle on the funeral parking lot. There was an altercation in the parking lot and a guy began to shoot. The suspect left the area before the police arrived.

The incident was condemned by Mayor Joe Hogsett of Indianapolis and described as another horrific occurrence.

Hogsett said in a statement that too many have suffered from firearms and failed to resolve disputes, and in demanding an end to this cycle of violence. He said that they will continue to investigate and implement best practises for IMPD and the City of Indianapolis. He further said that it can’t be accomplished alone, though. Neighbors will need to exchange information, support and intervene if someone is on the brink of a dangerous scenario