Pro-Trump protesters stormed the US Capitol, as members of Congress were meeting to certify the Electoral College results of the 2020 presidential elections. Rioters smashed the most secure building in the USA transforming it into a battlefield resulting in a curfew and a complete lockdown.

Donald Trump had announced a Save America Rally; and invited all of his followers to join the rally, to protest against the election frauds. It all started with two hours long speech made by Donald Trump pressurizing Vice President Mike Pence to intervene and negate the result of the General Elections 2020; which legally is not possible.

During his speech; Donald Trump urged the crowd to march towards the Capitol Building by chanting “fight like hell” and “take back our country”. One thing led to another and in no time rioters were barging in the chambers of the Capitol building; smashing the windows; rummaging the desks, torching the roads, and battling with the police, which stepped in to stop the rioters. The anticipated electoral count was halted and abandoned as members of Congress were rushed to secure locations.

In the riots more than 4 people had been reported dead including a woman whereas more than 14 people had been injured; officers included. Trump supporters raided the Capitol Building in Washington D.C and waged numerous clashes with the law enforcement personnel. Help was called from the nearby state of Maryland to curtail the ongoing fiasco as it had the potential to transform into a catastrophe. A curfew has been imposed in Washington D.C. by Mayor Muriel Bowser, which will remain in effect until Thursday morning.

Due to the igniting tweets of Donald Trump after the whole debacle; for the first time Twitter suspended the account of President Donald Trump for any kind of activity for 12 hours and his video message was also pulled out by YouTube and Facebook.

Senate leaders from both parties denounced the attack on the US Capitol by “domestic terrorists” who attempted to stop the electoral college vote count.