As soon as the pandemic coronavirus will go away, the first thing which world will face is the tourist all over. Surely there will be some designated parts of tourism. The future thoughts are certainly hitting New Zealand as it became the first country to defeat coronavirus.

Australia and New Zealand are discussing to open borders to each other, creating a travel corridor or a “travel bubble”. The politicians are discussing this as both countries shut their borders in March due to the ongoing situation in the world. The pandemic has affected the tourism industry of both countries which is a massive contribution to their economy. Thus the politicians are discussing to open the borders for each other.

Last month Australian Prime Minister said, “If there is any country in the world with whom we can reconnect with first, undoubtedly that’s New Zealand.”

The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern said on April 27th, “That is a situation we would all like to be in, but of course, our number one focus at the moment is making sure that both our countries are in the position where we’re domestically managing Covid-19 to a point where we can with confidence open borders.” “One thing I’m not willing to do is jeopardize the position that New Zealand has got itself into by moving too soon to open our borders — even to Australia.”

It is quite not clear and confirmed when this “travel bubble” will become a reality. Well, both countries are still facing domestic traveling issues and restrictions going to some places. The international flight procedure has included 14 days quarantine upon arrival.

The reason why both countries pick each other is that although they share a gap of almost 2000 miles of sea in between their borders but the one holding a visa of Australia can work and stay in New Zealand without any visa and vice versa.

The two countries also contribute heavily to each other’s tourism industry. Australians make up almost 40% of international arrivals to New Zealand, and around 24% of New Zealand’s international visitor spends. That’s especially significant in New Zealand, where tourism is the country’s biggest export industry. (Tourism is considered an export industry because it involves foreign cash being used to buy New Zealand’s goods and services.)

Tourism is worth billions of dollars to both countries. “If we can add in the Australians, that would be enormously beneficial for the survival of tourism businesses and thousands of jobs,” said Chris Roberts, the chief executive of Tourism Industry Aotearoa, which represents the tourism industry in New Zealand. He added that the amount tourists spend in New Zealand had dropped by at least 2 billion New Zealand dollars ($1.22 billion) a month.

“I think it will be on a country by country basis,” he said. “A general opening of borders could be a very long time away.”