A recreational vehicle, parked on the Second Avenue North and Commerce Street, Nashville exploded on Christmas morning. The reports suggest that the residents were warned to evacuate the area just before the explosion.

he Explosion In NashvilleAccording to one of the Metro Officers, an old song from the 60s called ‘Downtown’ by Petula Clark was blaring from the vehicle while the law enforcement was evacuating the area and helping the public to reach at a safer spot.

During the investigation interview, another officer claimed a recorded warning being played following the countdown and the song just before the explosion.

The natives describe the whole scene as a clip from a horror movie where a happy song is played before a morbid scene. The song was originally meant to be an ode to the city of New York, instead of Nashville, describing the nightlife and the lights of the city, which is busy and bustling even at late hours of the night.

When the face behind the song received this devastating news, she responded with her love for Nashville and called it a Musical City. Moreover, she also expressed her shock and sadness on the event, while showing her confused state of mind on the choice of her song, which is happy and cheerful, from hundreds and thousands being on the list.

A Pop Song From The 60s That Played Before The Explosion However, later she also added, the song can be misinterpreted if the listener is in another state of mind. Well, this is not something new as a correlation between songs and crimes have been reported in the past as well. For example, a cult leader, Charles Manson claimed that Beatles’songs influenced his murders.

According to the law enforcement in Nashville, the perpetrator was identified as a 63-year old man, named Anthony Quinn Warner who worked as an IT consultant. According to his neighbors, he was a loner who never had any visitors at his house.