A study has revealed that students collectively missed 11 million days due to suspension in a year. The more alarming fact is that most out-of-school suspensions are given to students of color.

The findings are compiled by UCLA and the Learning Policy Institute and are based on data collected in 2015-16.

Racial inequality in the United States remains at the highest levels, so there are valid reasons to examine racial discrimination especially with the students belonging to Black and Hispanic communities.

This new report revealed that while the racial inequality remains at levels similar to previous years, there have been fewer strategies implemented to rectify it.

The disparity is especially noticeable in the middle and high schools where 37 days of the academic year are lost for every 100 students. The ratio is low in elementary school.

Moreover, the ratio of lost hours is significantly high for the students of color. On average black students lost more hours than white students due to suspensions.

A great number of the students studying in the United States are of African-American origin and in every aspect of their education, there are racial differences.

This is why several educationists and member of civil society are raising their voices that government officials and politicians are not doing enough to address racial disparities.

The study clearly shows that more students of color are suspended and face expulsions compared to their white class fellows.

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To ensure the steady development and well-being of the students, it is important that we continually evaluate school policies to ensure that there is no discrimination and they are truly helping children become successful members of society.

The report come to focus at a time when Democrats are emphasizing to reinstate civil rights regulations of Obama. Hopefully this time the policymakers would work better to eliminate racial disparities.