A sheriff’s deputy was killed during a shootout in California. The incident occurred when his SWAT team initiated a rescue effort to help hostages inside a San Joaquin home by a suspect armed with multiple weapons.

The shootout in California also took the lives of four other people, including the shooter, who has held a past record of domestic violence offences, reported Lt. Joel Swanson, a representative for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

Though Swanson remained unaware about the intricate details of the shooter’s previous crimes, he affirmed that a restraining order had been filed by one of the victims on June 3.  According to this field order, the 41-year-old shooter was prohibited to visit the home where the crime unfolded.

Authorities have noted the presence of three people inside the home, out of which two are believed to be the gunman’s own sons and the woman their mother. All three of them were killed by the gunman during the shootout in California on Sunday.

According to Swanson, the restraining order had been filed by the woman. However, the reasons behind her decision remain unclear and police officials are still trying to deduce what provoked her to take legal action against the suspect.

The shooter was killed by deputies when he was on the roof of the house. The deceased deputy has been identified as Phillip Campus, who was no less than “a star” in the organization. Campas, a former sergeant in the U.S Marines in Afghanistan had joined the sheriff’s office five years ago.

In the words of Youngblood, “We thought he’d been here over 10 years, he’s had that kind of impact.” Gov Gavin Newsom also issued a statement, terming Campus’ death a “tragic and senseless loss.”

The violence ensued around 1pm and incorporated a 911 call with a line to the home. Officials who heard the activity on call said at least one person was alive at the home. “We felt obligated to go in and try to rescue that victim,” said the sheriff.

Youngblood also added that two girls had safely managed to escape the home. Their connection to the gunman and deceased victims is unknown, but they are suspected to be close acquaintances of the mother and her sons.

When deputies arrived at the crime scene, the gunman opened fire at them while being inside the house. After a good five hours had passed, the shooter climbed out of the house with his firearms and was fatally shot by the deputies. Other police officials later found the three victims dead at home.