On Tuesday, President Biden openly shared his elation on the former Minneapolis police officer being declared guilty. His last words “I can’t breathe” have left people all around the world fighting for basic rights, which had been denied to them. According to Biden, Floyd’s last words represented the failure on their part, which he acknowledged. “We can’t let those words die with him”, said Biden in an attempt to infuse the value within people.

The verdict from Tuesday has brought some of the biggest issues faced by Biden to the forefront. He has been closely watching the entire trial from the White House, determining his line of action to address the result while providing hope and solace to the people of the Black communities. In a conversation with Floyd’s family, President Biden was found saying how he “watched every second of itand the subsequent relief he felt when the verdict declared Derek Chauvin guilty.

Just a few hours after the verdict was announced, President Biden openly spoke about the wrath of racism and how it had spread its wings across the entire state. He stated that the practice of systematic racism has left a horrid mark on their country; one that would take years to eradicate. Moreover, he also expressed his profound joy at hearing not only the final verdict, but also the countless police officers who spoke in favor of Georgle Floyd.

Despite expressing his relief on the verdict, Biden did identify that none of it would ever bring Floyd back. However, even though it can’t bring the same person back, it can ensure that this doesn’t happen to other people like him. President Biden recognized how the Black community has been treated with utmost disrespect, almost as if they’re not humans. He declared that Black lives will be valued in his country, today and always.

Vice President Kamala Harris shared the same views as President Biden and announced that law officials must ensure legislation that reforms the entire policing in the United States. After the verdict was declared by the jury, both Harris and Biden spoke to Floyd’s brother on call. On the call, President Biden was heard saying that things might not ever be better for the family, “but at least now there’s some justice.”

President Biden went on to reiterate the words of Floyd’s daughter Gianna, who had told Biden he’d be the catalyst in changing the world. When Biden spoke from the White House, he declared that he was ready to change the world; for the better.