Exploring new places is the guilty pleasure of every adventurous soul. Not only do these souls crave to discover nature’s secrets, but they also love to explore something out of the blue. However, sometimes, these explorations can be a huge bummer. This is what happened with one TikTok user’s cave exploration turned into a terrible experience.

Jessie James, a TikTok user, was enjoying her time at the beach until she saw a strange cave. To quench her thirst for photography, she decided to go inside and have a little photoshoot at this exotic place to share it on her social accounts.

As she went inside the cave, the video posted on her TikTok channel showed that the young girl was excited and had a huge smile on her face while entering. However, soon her smile faded away and turned into a weird expression, while she commented on the smell that was coming from the inside.

Even though the smell was dreadful, she still decided to move on. However, soon it came out that the cave was not an exotic place, nor it was some kind of a place from the past. It was a bathroom. Her shocking shout was enough to tell the audience that the view was not very pleasing. No one saw what was there inside other than her.

The moment, she came to know what the place was, she ran out immediately. When the video was posted on her social media account, there were many responses to her video. One of the funniest comments was: the face when you go in, vs. face when you come out.  Another follower responded to the previous comment by agreeing to it and explaining one’s judgment by writing, “Well Used also, Judging by the footprints.”

Moreover, other followers took a sigh of relief when they saw Jessie not continuing with her adventure, suspecting the danger the situation could’ve led to.

All in all, not every adventure will give you instant happiness. sometimes, you may have to experience bizarre things as well. Nevertheless, these memories then turn into stories, which everyone enjoys.