It has been a year since George Floyd was brutally killed by Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin. In honor of his death anniversary, the nation has organized several events and marches across different states. Floyd’s family has been greatly encouraged by the amount of support provided by people, as well as the progress made in his case since last May.

George Floyd’s name is echoing from state to state, town to town. Over the past year, his death has come to be an eye-opener for people to start speaking up for the racial disparities and fight for racial equality and police reform.

Floyd’s aunt, Angela Harrelson expressed her relief and elation on the immeasurable support they’ve received from people. “I am overwhelmed with joy and hope and I feel like change is here,” said Harrelson in conversation with CNN. Danella Frazier, the woman who captured the murder of George Floyd suggested how she didn’t know the man but was sure “his life mattered.”

Members of Floyd’s family, including his brother Philonise Floyd, his daughter Gianna, and Gianna’s mother, Roxie Washington were in Washington to meet President Biden. Philonise Floyd stated how the meeting with Biden and Harris was great. He also called Biden a “genuine guy” who always speaks from the core of his heart.

Later, the President himself released a statement, appreciating George Floyd’s family for showing remarkable courage and strength over the dreadful past year. The family’s visit comes just in time for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which is yet to be passed. Even though Biden had initially wanted the legislation to be passed by Tuesday, it remains stuck in the Senate.

The bill has been divided to account for the setting up of a national registry to monitor police behavior, prohibitions on racial and religious profiling by law officials, and a reassessment of qualification for police officers.

Chris Stewart, co-lead counsel for the Floyd family informed CNN that he believes the bill would be passed. Biden’s senior adviser, Cedric Richmond stated the importance of having a meaningful law etched in place, rather than meeting a deadline in haste. “This country should be united behind police reform,” stated Richmond on Tuesday.

Tim Waltz, the governor of Minnesota has recognized the innate need of Minnesotans to want “meaningful change.” His death has not only initiated the movement for an equitable distribution of rights but also made him a symbol of change throughout the world.