Things aren’t right for A$AP Rocky at the moment. The 33-year-old rapper has once again made the headlines.

It was reported by The Sun that Jilly O’Donnell, a paddle-boarding instructor, claimed that she and A$AP Rocky had been secretly texting each other for many months after the rapper initially “bombarded her with flirty messages” on social media in December 2021.

O’Donnell stated that she “had absolutely no idea who he was,” and she had to ask her daughters to confirm his identity.

“I saw there was a blue tick on his name on Instagram so I asked my daughters. They told me it’s Rihanna’s boyfriend and thought it was hilarious,” she said, also adding that she informed her children, “Your mom might be 45 but she’s still got it.” She then added: “We’ve all been in stitches about it.”

One of the texts she claims A$AP Rocky sent her entailed arranging for her to be flown to Ukraine so that they could finally meet. He is reported to have said: “I’m down, would you be down to meet me in Ukraine? If I sort it out I could arrange for u to be there when I get there.”

She responded: “I can’t get to Ukraine haha, I can’t even afford Xmas after lockdown last year. Plus the Prime Minister is a fat useless [expletive] so no one is allowed anywhere. You should come here. Ukraine sounds freezing.”

He then allegedly replied: “What you guys can’t travel anywhere???? That sucks. I just got here. Freezing my [expletive] off. The gym here is beautiful though.” He then added: “Man, I got so fat in the past week. Wish we could have worked out.”

Though she responded to the messages, she told The Sun that there was “no way” she would “have flown out to meet him in Ukraine”, but she suspected that other women may have gotten tempted.