The End.

That’s how Saturday night felt like at Lambeau Field.

On Saturday, January 22, viewers witnessed the end of a Packers season, which they anticipated finishing in a Super Bowl a few days later.

The super magnitude Saturday night, however, marked the end of Aaron Rodgers’ career.

“I don’t want to be a part of a rebuild if I’m going to keep playing,” said Rodgers.

Provided that he is willing to play, the question for Aaron Rodgers is whether he wishes to join another team by the end of an outstanding career or follow the footsteps of another similar player, Brady, who after saying his goodbye to New England Patriots, joined a team that provided him greater chances to win the next seasons.

Meanwhile, potential suiter like Las Vegas and Denver are looking for new mentors and their rosters – disregarding the power it would take to get Rodgers.

“Certainly we want him back here. I think we would be crazy not to want him back here”, said Coach Matt LaFleur.

On a video conference after the game, Rodgers sitting in a black outfit, did not wish to reflect on his future or the legacy he has made over these years. He regretted his part in Saturday’s game that saw Green Bay scoring a 6-yard run on its opening drive by A.J. Dillon, however, only before the fourth quarter and not after that.

There’s no doubt that Aaron Rodgers may have outperformed in his last game as a Packers’ team member who selected the player in the first take of NFL Draft 2005.

The previous year, he almost struck a termination with the organization, though, got re-elected for a possible “Last Dance” sort of thing that both the parties hoped would end up in a “Super Bowl”.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, and Rodgers’s final play and his early exit are now raising concerns about the future of the MVP favorite.

“I’m gonna take some time and have conversations with the folks around here, and then take some time away and make a decision — obviously before free agency” said Rodger after the game.  “… It’s fresh right now. It’s a little shocking for sure. Was hoping to have a nice week after the NFC Championship to enjoy the lead up [to the Super Bowl] and start contemplating some things, so I haven’t even let the moment sink in yet.” 

The possibly last game for Rodger got him severe criticism from the opposition. “AARON RODGERS, 4-TIME MVP, IS NOW 7-9 IN THE PLAYOFFS SINCE HE WON THAT ONE SUPER BOWL 11 YEARS AGO. OVERHYPED, OVERRATED”.