Lisa Banes, an actress known for her stellar acting, has died at 65 after succumbing to injuries sustained from being hit by a scooter in New York City about 10 days earlier. Her death was confirmed by the NYPD and several law enforcement officials.

David Williams, Banes’ manager expressed his profound sadness over her death: “We are heartsick over Lisa’s tragic and senseless passing.” He also appreciated Banes for her empathy and generosity in all junctions of life.

The actress had suffered critical injuries to her head after being hit by a scooter that broke a red light in Manhattan’s Upper West on June 4. According to the police, she was rushed to the hospital immediately after the incident.

However, the NYPD has been unable to locate the shooter. In a statement released later, police officials confirmed that the suspect had fled the scene and the investigation to track the killer is still underway. Williams had initially suggested that Lisa Banes was journeying to visit Juilliard, her alma mater, along with the Lincoln Center Theater when she was injured.

Mostly known for her unique humor and poised aura, Lisa Banes had appeared in over 80 productions on both television and film.  She was also a rising star on Broadway, where she found her passion for essaying many different roles in films.

Her stint on Broadway was marked by Neil Simon’s comedyRumors” that took the stage in 1988.  She later returned to Broadway in Tom Stoppard’s “Arcadia” (1995), Cole Porter’s “High Society” (1998), and Noel Coward’s “Present Laughter” (2010).

Banes also explored the domain of established theater, where she appeared in renowned productions such as “My Sister in This House” and “Three Sisters.” In 1984, when the actress was out for a run in Wendy Wasserstein’s comedy “Isn’t It Romantic” at Playwright Horizons, the Times included her in the list of 15 actresses to watch on screen.

As Lisa Banes made herself known in the world of theater, the magnificence of Hollywood also came her way. Her first film role was in “The Hotel New Hampshire”, directed by Tony Richardson in 1984.  As time progressed, she became a regular on television, taking up roles in movies that span across different genres.

 Lisa Banes’ most notable performances include her role of Tom Cruise’s girlfriend in “Cocktail” back in 1988 and that of a mother in Gone Girl in 2014, alongside Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. She is survived by her wife Kathryn Kranhold, who paid homage in a heartfelt Twitter post.