The ‘One Tree Hill’ actress Sophia Bush has spoken up against the Republicans, saying that a few of them deserve to be called ‘the terrorist right’.

The ‘Chicago P.D’ star has also been vocal on social media about the elections and the siege of the US Capitol earlier this month.

She responded to a tweet by CNN’s anchorperson, Ana Cabrera that quoted GOP Rep Kinzinger, saying that he had received a letter from his dad’s cousin to disown him because he voted for the second impeachment of Donald Trump, and claimed that he was a part of the devil’s army.

Bush quoted this tweet and replied that the followers of Trump acted like they were in a cult. She also added that voting to hold someone accountable for his actions was not the work of the devil but claimed that it sounded like something a famous American cult leader, Charles Manson would have said.

The California congresswoman Jackie Speier tweeted that since the Democrats have been repeatedly called the radical left by the Republicans, maybe it was time for the Democrats to return the favor and call them the Terrorist Right.

Bush responded to this as well, agreeing with the Congresswoman’s statement. She claimed that its about time.

Cheri Jacobus, a political strategist, and the writer took to Twitter and posted that Trump had lost his audience on the platform referring to the suspension of his account by the social media giant.

She also added that Trump knows the Republican Senators will exonerate him, so he will be utilizing the free PR he gains from his impeachment trial to talk about his next political move.

The actress replied to this tweet, saying that this matter was not up for debate since several Trump officials had attacked the National Guards.

She also added that Trump must be held accountable and be convicted for this crime because that was the only way to prevent this from happening again.