In the final mayoral debate see-off, Adam and Sliwa, a Democrat and Republican nominee, went too far with personal attacks. Sliwa turned all Adam’s questions into an opportunistic attack over his opponent, while Adam compared Sliwa to a four-year-old and called him out for jabbing over his marital issues.

At the start of the WABC debate yesterday night, Sliwa opened his speech by accusing Adam of helping Mayor Bill de Blasio for bringing “Miley Cyrus wrecking ball to a city we love.” He also questioned the residency status of the democratic nominee, “You fake where you live, Eric Adams. We still don’t know where you live. You live in Jersey, most people say.”

While Adam made a comeback with, “You’re acting like my son when he was four years old. Show some discipline.”  He further added, “You’re interrupting. You’re being disrespectful.” To give a fiery response to his opponent Sliwa, Adam brought in the messy public divorce of Sliwa that happened years back and accused him of avoiding child support.

To this, the Republican candidate couldn’t take it anymore and exclaimed Adam’s accusation as “scurrilous” while pointing him out, “how dare you?”

The debate got so much out of hand that the debate moderators had tocome in to make peace between the two competitors. When the moderator asked each other if they had something good to say about each other, it turns out that both had some good stuff to say.

Adam applauded Sliwa for his love for cats and his active part as an animal rights activist. “I commend him for what he’s doing around cats,” said Adam while commending Sliwa for rescuing 16 cats. On the other hand, Sliwa acknowledged Adam’s passion for a healthy lifestyle and his vegan diet, while revealing that he also wants to turn vegan one day and if this major thing doesn’t work out for him, he has something to look forward to.

While both the parties have their strengths and weaknesses, it is still yet to be decided who will be elected as the new Mayor. Stay tuned to know who will be the real winner.