The news of Adam Toledo’s killing has resurfaced after his shooting footage was released this morning. The clip captures the whole scene; police are seen chanting “Drop it” before they fire at the 13-year unarmed boy. Although the boy doesn’t seem to be donning a gun, the video shows the presence of a weapon where he fell.  Subsequent release of the video clip has sparked a set of protests in the suburbs of Chicago as the mayor appealed for peace.

The video that has been doing the rounds on the internet shows the police officer getting out of his vehicle, rushing to catch the Latino boy as he disappears. While dashing Adam Toledo, the officer is seen hurling a set of expletives as he vehemently asks him to put his hands forward. Right after, the boy is seen facing the officer with his hands in the air, and seconds later, the police officer shoots straight at the young boy’s chest.

A police officer at the scene immediately calls for an ambulance while telling the young boy to stay awake.” As a herd of police officers rushes to the shooting spot, several methods are tried to keep Toledo awake, including CPR.

Another CCTV tape provides a closer look at the young boy, Adam Toledo tossing something over the fence as an officer makes his way towards him. Moreover, another video clip shows a set of officers highlighting a weapon discarded on the floor behind the fence post the shooting. Although exact information is still unknown, prosecutors suggest that the young boy was with Ruben Roman, who used his handgun to strike at a car that passed by.  The deafening sound of the gunshot drew the police officer to the scene, which resulted in the death of an innocent teenager.

Just before the footage went public, Lori Lightfoot who serves as the Chicago Mayor called for a press conference where she stated: “Simply put, we failed Adam.” According to Lightfoot, Adam Toledo was part of millions of young children who are being failed by the justice system. She also added that although the situation has prompted several protests in the city, it is important to remain peaceful and work together to create a change in the community.

Besides, Adam Toledo’s family lawyer expressed her concerns at a news conference this Thursday. She declared that the boy was unarmed when he was shot, but she couldn’t say with “100% certainty” if he had the weapon before the incident, as stated by the Chicago Tribune. Meanwhile, the police officer who fired at Toledo has not been declared guilty as yet; He is still part of an ongoing investigation to conclude whether he followed the right method on “use of force.”