Adele is a celebrity and the singer who is also very famous on Instagram. When she started singing in 2008 with her first album called “19”, she was embarrassed by many for being plus-sized. Because of that, she tried to lose weight, but she was unable to achieve the goal.

The fans didn’t like the efforts from her, and she continued like being that. Many famous people, including the designer Karl Lagerfeld, said that she was a little bit too fat.

When she heard from the fans and famous people about her body, she replied with the confidence that she is not a model.

She gave an interview to Anderson Cooper on CNN and said that she is never tense about her body and never wants to look a certain way.

Since the start of the career, she has climbed to greater heights, and her albums are becoming popular with every passing day.

She started her career in 2008, and now, in 2020 she is 32 years of age. She is a divorced woman and also has children. The fans got familiar with her body change by seeing her pictures on Instagram when she posted them on her birthday.

Are we all human beings who change our perception of other human beings according to the bodies they have? When it comes to celebrities, then we regard them as beautiful if they are thin; otherwise, we regard them not only as bad celebrities but bad human beings too.

If we praise her for her change to a slim body, then do we perceive that her body was not that good?

Even after being slim, she has been still criticized by her fans for being too thin. You can’t amuse your fans because they think that if they are buying your music and are in love with you, they can say whatever they want. As the fans, do we know them in reality?

She is an independent woman now who is not only good at the success at the charts, but also has sharpened her talents and skills, which is a lot more than what her fans can say about themselves.

The fans should remember that there are many more important things in life than the body transformation of a celebrity. She has won more than 15 Grammy Awards and sold millions of Albums. We, as human beings, should regard her talent to not be criticized but only praised.