Adele fans have been placed on a waitlist for her ‘Weekends with Adele’ Las Vegas residency, due to “extremely high demand”.

Today is the day many Adele fans have been hyped and ready for. Tickets for Adele’s Las Vegas Residency have gone live and the heavy crowd of fans means many are left on waiting lists for the program. Going in a completely different tangent from a formal tour, which the singer announced a step-back from, a while ago, this residency will be a more intimate experience focused on fan-artist relationships.

The British singer’s 24-date residency is supposed to take place in January of the upcoming year, continuing to multiple weekends to come. The event page by Caesars includes the description, “Adele announces WEEKENDS WITH ADELE, an exclusive residency in The Colosseum of Las Vegas’ famed Caesars Palace Hotel beginning Friday January 21, 2022. The global superstar will perform two shows each weekend through Saturday April 16, 2022.”

According to the program details, the shows at Adele’s Las Vegas Residency “WEEKENDS WITH ADELE” will take place each weekend from January 21st till April 16th, 2022. The announcement is fueled by the artist’s top-selling recent release “30” which has been many years in the making, as Adele herself shared with the press.

The price for Adele’s Las Vegas Residency is not available publicly unless you go to buy the seats yourself via Ticketmaster. But analysts have figured out a range in numbers by taking in the singer’s last show’s ticket prices, as well as regular LA residency prices. A lot has changed for Adele and her shows, in terms of her touring decision, pricing decision, as well as the decision to hand over the management for her intimate event.

According to Billboard, the artist made $1.6 million for each of her shows in her 2016 tour. In order to make similar figures right now, she would have to price each ticket at a whopping $373 to earn the same amount for each show at the Colosseum. This especially is considerably high if you consider that her 2016 tour cost $107 per ticket.

But this isn’t all, because rarely ever all tickets are priced at the same rate, because tiering for different seats in shows is very common. Therefore, to maintain a $373 average, more than half the tickets have to be above $500, with $650 as the cap according to the venue. This is a significant high, especially since people going to such shows prefer the lower range due to high demands, and tickets running out faster in the lower price spectrum.

All this is still only analysis regarding Adele’s Las Vegas Residency, and the real deal might actually end up being much more expensive than us analysts and those in speculation expect. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, fans don’t want to miss a chance to be able to see the superstar live, especially at such a close and intimate event. Granted that a huge part of the event is to make sure Covid protocols are followed, many might find barriers here that they would need to get past.