In Philadelphia, two men from Virginia were arrested outside a ballot-counting site for carrying weapons.

An anonymous tip received by the FBI led to their arrest. It has been reported that someone called the FBI and shared information that two armed men are traveling from Virginia to Philadelphia. The city has faced protests in light of the vote-counting process that was taking place.

Election Day was on Tuesday; however, some states were not finished with their vote-counting,  so people took to the streets to protest against this because they believed the votes were fraudulent.

 Two Men Arrested In Philadelphia At Ballot-Counting SiteThese claims were perpetuated by Donald Trump as he joined the protestors on Twitter, insisting that the vote-counting be stopped and that it’s a conspiracy theory to help Biden win.

The mail-in ballots favored Biden because Biden encouraged his voters to mail their votes whereas Trump did not. However, this is raising suspicions among Trump supporters and they will be taking to the streets to protest against the vote-counting process chanting the slogan, ‘Stop the Seal’.

More protestors are gathering at Philadelphia because the state is favoring Biden in its votes and their vote-counting process is not over yet. The recent tally shows Biden ahead with 21,000 votes and 95% of votes have been counted.

The Philadelphia police were successful in finding and identifying the armed men and their silver Hummer. They were charged with a third-degree felony which possesses a hidden firearm without a license, and a first-degree misdemeanor, which means having a firearm on public property.

Moreover, photos of their vehicle also showed a hat with the logo of QAnon, which is a far-right conspiracy theory group. Their slogan was also seen written on the car on a sticker.

The men were allegedly there to disrupt the vote-counting process; however, the investigation is still taking place with potentially more charges.

People came out in their defense, believing that they only visited the state to witness the protests, not to harm anyone. One of the men was also the co-founder of Vets for Trump; however, he had resigned from the group recently.

Moreover, the chairman of the group also claimed that they were carrying weapons because they had a license, however, they were not aware they could be breaking the local laws of the state.

The laws on openly carrying ammunition are different in every state. In Pennsylvania, it is permitted everywhere except for Philadelphia. The law of the state also takes into account licenses from some other states; however, Virginia is not one of them.