Mike Pence is going through a difficult time as he will soon leave the office of the vice president. He will have to rebuild his political career from scratch.

Joe Biden is all set to take the Presidential Oath. If Biden completes his four-year tenure and then returns again for his second term as President, then Pence’s chances of holding the Office will be greatly affected.

Pence is in no position to opt-out of the inauguration ceremony as he is the out-going vice president of the US.

When he assumed the office of the vice president under Donald Trump, he had to defend him as well. But due to his political commitment to President Trump and Republicans, he was not vocal about any of the political mishaps in the country.

This means that Mike Pence is going to be in the grey area as he leaves the office of the vice president.

His association with Donald Trump may dent his political career in the near future, especially for a bid in the 2024 elections. It is very difficult for him to survive this political chaos. Most probably, he will head home right after leaving the White House.

He was pressed by many Democratic leaders to invoke the 25th amendment after the Washington DC riots. But he still showed his loyalty to Donald Trump and discarded any such requests.