Max Hoskinson, 61, opened fire at his former workplace, killing 3 people including himself. According to reports from the area, the shooter was an Agrex employee who was let go earlier in the day and he later returned to the scene with the gun rampage.

The Agrex store located at 1401 E. 3rd Street in Superior, Nebraska has since been a crime scene, with multiple detectives on location, carrying out the investigation. One of the victims was found dead on the spot, while others were severely injured and taken to the hospital. Among those injured was the suspected Agrex employee, Hoskinson, himself.

One of those injured was treated at the hospital and sent home, while another of the employees and Hoskinson, the shooter himself, were both pronounced dead.

A handgun has been identified as the crime weapon. Reports are saying that the wound inflicted by the Agrex employee was by another Agrex employee who got a “shotgun from an office and returned fire” in retaliation.

Pete Ricketts, the Nebraska Gov. wrote a tweet to acknowledge the incident saying, “The news of the attack on Agrex Elevator in Superior is shocking and devastating. Susanne and I are praying for the victims of the attack. The Nebraska State Patrol is assisting with the investigation.”

Injured victims were taken to Bryan Health West Campus in Lincoln for instant treatment. The investigation is under development and Nebraska State Patrol has been on the scene to secure the area as well as to investigate the matter.