An Alabama college student was beaten to death in her apartment by her boyfriend who is now facing charges.

Cortez Lenard Warren 32, is now behind the bars facing manslaughter charges in Alabama, for the possession of illegal substance (marijuana), and tampering with the physical evidence in the second degree when the police suspected that Warren was involved in the killing of his 25-year-old girlfriend Madison Shea Pilkington, reported by Hoover Police.

We’re devastated and we want people to keep us in their prayers,’’ Pilkington’s aunt, Dana Armstrong, told “She was loved by everyone who knew her. It’s been such a shock.”

“It appeared that someone tried to clean up the blood,’’ a detective wrote in the court record. “Warren was interviewed post-Miranda and admitted to having attempted to clean up the crime scene,” reported.

Pilkington’s body was found at 4.10 a.m Saturday morning by a family member who was concerned after she didn’t show up at a restaurant where she used to work. On reaching the apartment he found her dead with a plastic bag on her head lying under the pile of blankets on the couch. The member then called 911 and left according to the court filing.

Police stated that the evidence found on the crime scene suggests that the death of Pilkington was a result of the assault. Police, however, declined to provide additional information concerning the death of Pilkington.

The law enforcement quickly identified Warren as a suspect as they spotted his Nissan Altima driving through Irondale and Birmingham, reported.

Warren was tracked down by multiple agencies before he was taken into custody.

According to the court records, Warren has a history of domestic violence and was charged with the same in 2016 when a woman accused him of throwing her in the bed, choking her and shoved his hand till her throat to make her stop from screaming.

However, a grand jury refused to convict him with the strangulation charges which made the second-degree case dismissed.

Dana Armstrong, Pilkington’s Aunt told the news that her niece wished to become a graphic designer.

“She was beautiful both inside and out,” Armstrong said. “She was loved by everyone who knew her.”“We’re devastated,’’ she said, “and we want people to keep us in their prayers.” She added that Pilkington’s death is a ‘shock’ to her family.