After the devastating news of Halyna Hutchins’ death on set yesterday, Santa Fe County Sheriff Det. Joel Cano’s report, that assistant director on set handed Alec Baldwin a loaded gun unknowingly. As tributes have been pouring in and the film industry mourns the loss of Hutchins, investigations on the unfortunate case are underway.

In the search warrant affidavit by the Santa Fe County, it states that neither of those involved in the mishap were aware of the live ammunition in the gun. While rehearsing, Alec Baldwin was handed the gun that both the actor and assistant director thought was a prop gun.

Baldwin fired the gun while rehearsing for a scene and it struck Halyna Hutchins, who was the film’s director of photography, in the chest. Director Joel Souza was also injured via a bullet wound on the shoulder, but has since been discharged from the Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe on Friday.

There have been no other pieces of evidence made public that were collected from the scene of the shooting. The Santa Fe County Sheriff Det. Joel Cano has gotten a green signal from Magistrate Judge John Rysanek to gather any set props or equipment that might aid in the case including any film, video or camera equipment that might help get footage of the scene. He also signed off on temporary possession of any clothing or other items of Alec Baldwin that might help in the investigation.

So far Baldwin and others on set have voluntarily helped and given statements to the sheriff regarding the case. There have been no charges filed against anyone either. The spokesperson for the detectives carrying out the investigation did not respond or comment on whether charges will be filed and if anybody is a suspect so far.

There have been wide discussions and debates going on regarding gun safety, and the safety allowed to set and crew member on a shooting.

“I don’t think there are words to communicate the situation. I am not going to be able to comment about the facts or the process of what we’re going through right now, but I appreciate that everyone has been very sympathetic. I think that we will need a little bit of time before we can really encapsulate her life in a way that is easy to communicate,” Matthew Hutchins, Halyna’s husband told Insider.