The pandemic hitting the world has cause serious challenges economically. The din is still continuing to make the asterisk impact on human lives. In this light, the UK airlines had promised to give a total refund to the costumers when the pandemic hits, within legal 14 days. The issue rises that these 14 UK’s biggest airlines will either lose the money or trust of customers.

All the UK’s airlines especially the biggest ones are breaking the law of refunding to the customers after the pandemic. The researchers have found that these airlines have to pay £7bn to their customers of the trip canceled. It’s a huge amount if paid fully, some airlines might go bankrupt. Almost 20 o the UK’s largest operators are holding illegal funds and if not paid they might be lost their customers. Although many tried to pay from the vouchers and online systems complaints occurred that they were unable to withdraw the money.

The Ryanair DAC, an Irish airline on Monday started telling its customers that the refunds will be paid when the emergency of Covid-19 will pass. Before that, they offered customers to pay back their money with 20 days but the start backtracking. Although the travel industry asked for the government interference regarding refunds saying that they are under “unprecedented strain” and might lose their businesses if refund immediately.

While some airlines asked for the 28 more days for a refund or providing with the vouchers which will be withdrawn in cash form. To gain the complete trust of customers they say that the company will provide transparent insurance terms and conditions. While some Uks holiday airlines such as Love Holidays and Tui are not offering full refunds within 14 days rather asking customers for rebooking or vouchers. It is almost confirmed that all the airlines are failing to refunds the amount of the tickets to the customers and the cumbersome amount reaches that customers are unable to reach for complaint calls.

A few bearers, for example, Air France and KLM, have would not offer discounts before a year’s time span has slipped by, giving credit notes or permitting rebooking. Which? said it was “a fair arrangement and a sensible harmony between the insurance of their travelers and the operational real factors that each airline needs to face”Some governments have just changed customer enactment to permit conceded discounts, after calls from the airline body Iata. The Iata executive general, Alexandre de Juniac, said recently that discounting was “practically agonizing, monetarily”, including that airlines were “consummately aware of the trouble for the traveler … however, it involves endurance”.

The UK government, notwithstanding rehashed demands, has neglected to perceive and react to this reality, as an unmistakable difference to the reasonable activities taken by the European Commission and numerous nations all through Europe.