The much-anticipated HBO original docuseries, “Allen V. Farrow”, premiered last night. As expected, Woody Allen’s gross nature has been exposed.

The docuseries, a 4-episode affair, brings to light the curious case of Woody Allen and his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow. In 1992, when Dylan Farrow was mere 7 years old, the scandal-hit the news about Allen molesting and sexually abusing her.

Woody Allen is a celebrated American film director, actor, writer, and comedian who has been involved in the business for 60 years. He has won many Academy Awards for his movies.

He came under the heat for the first time, when the news about him sexually abusing his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow went viral. He was accused of being a pedophile but as no evidence was attached, he came out clean from the case.

He married the daughter of his partner Soon-Yi Previn. A move that again fueled the controversy regarding his narcissistic behavior towards the children of Mia Farrow, his then partner with whom he had a son later on as well.

The opening episode of the docuseries revolved around the accusations made by Dylan, his daughter, who is now 35 years old. The series started with the marriage of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, both on top of their careers. They decided to stay together as partners along with Mia’s seven children.

In 1992, Mia discovered illicit pictures of her daughter Soon-Yi in Woody’s possession which made her realize the affair between the two. They both later tied the knot in 1997.

This docuseries brings out the insecurities that actors and actresses face in Hollywood. The series is all about covering up a heinous crime without being held accountable. The mighty can hide anything under the cover because of the power they have. The resurgence of this case brings back the memories of the #metoo movement. Dylan gained confidence after that particular movement and yearned the courage to come out in public and tell the true story about her.

The interviews with Mia Farrow and Ronan Farrow, mother, and brother of Dylan Farrow are also recorded for this particular docuseries.