The Allies of the United States presently share a mutual feeling of despair as the Trump administration has decided to halt funding for the World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO is coordinating a global response to the raging Coronavirus pandemic, the US government has refused funding to WHO.

The US is typically at the end of the global table, helping to lead the world’s efforts against such a crisis, and is cited in high regards in its firm leadership in the fight against previous epidemics.

Now, however, the Trump administration is looking to be on the opposite side of history as it completely stops its yearly funding to WHO. This is done on the accusation that WHO is playing a role in severely mismanaging the COVID situation and is covering up its spread.

The point of this outrage is the Trump administration’s dissatisfaction with the international organization for working in favor of China amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Whatever the reason be, global health officials are shocked by this decision as they fear the government’s efforts to ‘politicize’ the deadly pandemic is going to cost a lot of lives.

Trump Administration Risks Alienating Allies

Former World Leaders, as well as observers from the Asia Pacific to Europe, have expressed their shock and sadness over this move by the Trump administration as it not only gives the US a bad image on a global scale but also risks alienating the country’s allies by accusing China for the spread of the virus and forcing other nations to take sides in this fight.

Various important personnel around the globe have been openly vocal about their dismay at this move by Trump. The critics are of the view that the Trump administration is taking an approach to the coronavirus fight that, instead of helping, is just going to hamper the efforts of other countries to combat the disease effectively.

Not only has it increased uncertainty on a global scale but has also destroyed the respect the US has on the world stage, deepening the prior concerns of the international system no longer being one that functions effectively.

China an Important Partner in the Global Fight

The Trump administration’s move to push China has already caused countries to pick sides, though not in a way that the US President intended. A European diplomat has stated on behalf of several countries that presently constitute the European Union, the priority should be to get on top of the pandemic, globally.

This will require a lot of cooperation and China needs to be a part of that. WHO has to be involved in that effort or it is bound to make people more anxious.