The 78-year-old Alma Wahlberg died on Sunday. More popularly known as the mother of comic legends Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, she had been an active part of their show, “Wahlburgers.” Her death was announced by her son Mark, who wrote a heartfelt caption for his mother: “My angel. Rest in peace.”

Mark’s homage was followed by Donnie’s memorial Instagram. Donnie stated that he would miss his mother immensely, and will always thank and celebrate her each day. Donnie Wahlberg frequently uploaded pictures of his mother on social media and in July of last year, he had expressed concern over Alma Wahlberg’s perplexed state of mind, writing how she couldn’t remember much, but still had the same magnificent ‘Alma’ aura.

Her two beloved sons announced the passing of their mother but did mention the cause or time of her death.  It is important to note that Alma Wahlberg had become a popular name when she featured in her children’s show; one that incorporated the concept of their family’s burger restaurant. From then till now, she was loved by her fans for being so brutally honest and truthful. As stated by Donnie Wahlberg, “she was the epitome of the world’s grace.” Such was the power of a woman like her.

Donnie also took to social media to put up a heart-warming video of them dancing together at his wedding. According to him, the two danced to Alma Wahlberg’s favorite song by Regina Belle. Alma had a practice of dancing on this song at each of her children’s weddings, however, it was all the more special at Donnie’s as he had given her a surprise by asking Belle to perform live.

Alma Wahlberg was known for having a heart full of gold. She devoted her life to taking care of her children and went the extra mile to keep them satisfied. In 2018, Wahlberg appeared on the “Today” show where she spoke about the difficulties she encountered while parenting nine kids. Fondly and vividly, she recalled some of her craziest recipe inventions that were used to placate her children.

Her immense hard work in raising her children didn’t go to waste as one of her sons, Paul Wahlberg opened up a restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts, named after her. While speaking to Boston’s WCVB-TV in 2018, Alma Wahlberg opened up about the countless struggles she had faced over the years. From battling alcoholism to facing poverty, there is nothing that the brave woman hadn’t seen or done.  In the words of Wahlberg herself, she has “kept moving forward, no matter what” and perhaps that’s what she would want to be remembered for, today and always.