We’re still in awe of Amanda Holden’s audacious tweets and stunning outfits as she celebrated her 51st birthday this week.

To celebrate her 51st birthday with famous chef Lisa Faulkner, Britain’s Got Talent judge shared a stunning photo on Instagram on Saturday before a ladies’ night out with friends. “That b*!#h #Eunice ain’t stopping us!! On our way @lisafaulknercooks [heart emoji] 50!!!!!!,” Amanda said in the description of her photo.

Ostrich feather trim and translucent black short dress made the diva appear effortlessly glamorous.

A Nadine Merabi design, Amanda’s gown had a high neckline, shoulder pads, and lovely scalloped cuffs. Stunning!

It’s no surprise that the honey blonde beauty chose to accessorize her outfit with many pieces of gold jewelry, including her favorite Van Cleef and Arpels bracelet, to accentuate her appearance.

There was an immediate outpouring of praise for Amanda’s stunning makeover from her social media followers.

“Nothing’s gonna stop you! You look stunning as always and ready to party,” a fan shared.

The mother-of-two has returned to the UK after celebrating her 51st birthday with a family trip to Dubai. Fans were given a taste of the celebration by seeing her posing in a black latex bra and a matching pencil skirt on Instagram.

Her hair was disheveled into loose curls, she wore heavy eye makeup, a nude lip, and a pair of heart-shaped earrings in the images. “Hello 51,” she said in the captions of all of her social media posts.