How to maximize your savings through Amazon Subscribe & Save — Stock up on necessities while stacking discounts, taking advantage of last-minute deals, and avoiding unpleasant surprises!

Subscribe & Save is a great way for me to stock up on anything from laundry detergent to delicious meals to pet food and just about everything else.

If you haven’t tried Amazon Subscribe & Save yet, you’re losing out on some fairly significant savings let’s begin:

How to Maximize Your Savings?

How does this function, then? Subscribe & Save on Amazon allows you to set up automatic repeat orders of your delivery products at a frequency of your choice. However, and maybe most notably, you may skip or cancel any product at any time.

Amazon compensates you for monthly purchases by including free delivery and up to 20% off the item’s one-time sales price.

Is Amazon Prime required for Subscribe & Save?

Before we begin, let’s address two of the most frequently asked questions about Amazon Subscribe & Save: Is an Amazon Prime membership needed to use Subscribe & Save? Is a Prime membership needed to get free Subscribe & Save shipping?

You may NOT need to be a participant of Amazon Prime to participate in the Subscribe & Save scheme. Additionally, free delivery is still included with the Subscribe & Save the price of an item — regardless of whether you are an Amazon Prime member!

How does Subscribe & Save Work?

Now that we’ve cleared that up, here’s a step-by-step guide to using Amazon Subscribe & Save.

When you buy an item on Amazon via Subscribe & Save, you agree to get repeat auto-delivery of the item in return for free shipping and (generally) a 5-15 percent discount off the current Amazon price. To take advantage of this option on eligible items, search for a “Subscribe & Save” choice underneath the standard product price.

To subscribe to the product, select the radio button next to Subscribe & Save. Select a subscription frequency using the drop-down arrow next to “Deliver every:” then press “Set Up Now” to proceed to the checkout section.

Subscribed items are immediately included with the next Subscribe & Save delivery. You can, though, at any time cancel a shipment, cancel products, or transfer them to a subsequent month’s shipment.

You’ll want to keep an eye out for the following: Amazon also attempts to slip in the first shipment of your subscription & save items prior to the scheduled shipping date. Look to the right of the page, under the Subscribe & Save options, for a note about the “first delivery on.” Click “change” to adjust the ship date such that the package arrives with the next Subscribe & Save delivery.

Again, orders placed by Subscribe & Save still ship for free; you do not need to be a Prime member and there is no minimum buying requirement.

Multi-item discounts with Subscribe & Save

Subscribe & Save packages comprising one to four distinct products qualify for a 0-5 percent discount off the item’s one-time purchase price, whereas orders containing five distinct items or more qualify for a 5-15 percent discount off the item’s one-time purchase price. To receive the additional percent off, you must have five distinct Subscribe & Save goods planned in the same shipping shipment. When the fifth item is included, the extra discount is applied immediately to all eligible products planned for the month.

Increasing a product’s Subscribe & Save amount would not count against the five subscriptions; there must be five distinct subscriptions.

  • $19.99 for a one-time order
  • $18.99 with a 5% Subscribe & Save coupon
  • With a 15% Subscribe & Save coupon, the price is $16.99.

Subscribe & Save at the 15% discount level now saves you $3.00 on your detergent, which provides free shipping. Saving a few dollars for each large item easily adds up — and we can sometimes stack Subscribe & Save coupons.

Amazon Subscribe & Save Filler Items

So, how do you obtain that additional% off discount? Assure that each Subscribe & Save order contains at least five products to qualify for up to 15% off your entire order. The simplest option to do that is to use one or two inexpensive $1-$2 Subscribe & Save filler products in your order to ensure that you get a total of 5 products on the same shipping day.

Although it can appear counterintuitive to purchase additional goods in order to save more, inserting inexpensive filler products often allows you to save more than the $1-$2 filler item price for each costly item in your order… additionally, you get a convenient filler product as part of the deal.

Does Subscribe & Save Pricing Change?

When you subscribe & save a product, the price of the very first shipment is locked in at the time of your order. In the preceding example: My incoming eight-pack of Puffs facial tissue is locked in at $7.47, which was the Subscribe & Save the offer at the time I subscribed. Thus, Amazon can charge me $7.47 when the Puffs arrive, rather than the $9.60 Subscribe & Save the price of $9.60 (15 percent off the $11.29 single shipping cost).

Keep an eye out for Amazon promotions and Subscribe & Save to items you need as they decrease in price. Note that:

  • If you cancel an order, either in its entirety or on a single piece, you forfeit the locked-in amount.
  • Although you adjust the expected arrival date of a package, the locked-in price remains unchanged.

Both subsequent orders will be paid at the item’s existing Amazon Subscribe & Save price. If you subscribed in order to take advantage of a promotion or use a voucher, you may wish to cancel after the first shipment.

About a week before your Subscribe & Save order is scheduled to arrive, Amazon sends you an email with a summary of the products that will ship, their costs, and the total cost of your order. You can cancel or modify your order at any time, and your credit card will not be credited until the products are shipped.

How do Subscribe & Save Coupon Discounts Apply?

So, how are these discounts applied? Fortunately for us, the Subscribe & Save discount is applied to the item’s pre-coupon amount. This ensures that you’d save 15% off the item’s initial $19.99 price plus a further $3 off for clipping the coupon. Since adding the $3.00 voucher and my 15% off subscribe & save offer, my $19.99 detergent fell to $13.99. On the final checkout page, you’ll see the voucher discount applied.

Furthermore, once you’ve clipped a percent off coupon, it stacks with the Subscribe & Save percent off. For instance, if you clip a 15% Subscribe & Save coupon and combine it with a 15% Subscribe & Save discount, you’ll save 30% off the single-item price.

Things to Know About Subscribe & Save Coupons

Keep the following points in mind when using Subscribe & Save coupons:

  • Coupons for Subscribe & Save are only valid on the first shipping of an object.
  • Coupons for Subscribe & Save only apply to a single item.
  • Coupons are only redeemable once per Amazon account.
  • When a coupon reaches its cap or expires, it is removed from the item’s list.
  • To ensure that a discount is applied, it must be clipped to your account.

Occasionally, you can simply purchase an item at a discounted price due to its subscribe & save offer. However, just as in the neighborhood supermarket or pharmacy, the true savings occur when you pair the Subscribe & Save discount price with a voucher!

How to find Subscribe & Save Coupons

When viewing the product page for any subscribe & save product, look for coupons frequently. These are usually located in the center of the page, underneath the item’s price.

Coupons can also be displayed on the right-hand side of the page directly under the Subscribe & Save price. Wherever the coupon appears on the website, check the box next to it to add it to your account. (If you are not logged in, a login screen will appear when you press to clip a coupon. Simply sign in to your account and then press the voucher once more to clip it.)

Along with keeping an eye out for discounts on individual item pages, you should also search all eligible coupons to find great offers.

When you come across a coupon you want while shopping, just presses “Clip Coupon” to connect it to your Amazon account. Then, just press the product’s image or the line directly above the “Clip Coupon” icon to see all of the products that apply for that coupon.

If a voucher is clipped, it will stay in your account before it is redeemed or expires. You must clip the coupon prior to subscribing to the item; otherwise, it will not be withdrawn.

Although Amazon coupons are one-time usage per account, they also run similar discounts and re-issue coupons, so check again after a month or so to see whether a coupon promo has reset and you can clip it again.

Prime Member Only Subscribe & Save Offers

Although a Prime membership is not required to use Subscribe & Save, some Subscribe & Save sales and discounts are reserved only for Amazon Prime members.

To begin, Amazon Prime members get a discount of up to 20% on diapers, baby food, and other selected product subscriptions when they have five or more subscriptions in a month. (This is far more than the standard limit of up to 15% off!) Additionally, these Prime-exclusive deals are often stacked with promotions to provide extra savings.

Additionally, Amazon Prime customers can sometimes see Subscribe & Save codes that are not visible to non-Prime members.

How to change or access your Subscriptions

You are not obligated to continue obtaining these products indefinitely! This article would explain how to view and update your Amazon Subscribe & Save products. Begin by signing into your Amazon account (if you haven’t already) in the upper right corner of the page, then clicking “Account & Lists” directly underneath your name. A little farther down the list, you’ll see a menu item labeled “Subscribe & Save Items.”

(Alternatively, by browsing your Amazon website, you can locate your Subscribe & Save products under “Memberships and subscriptions.”)

When you navigate to your Subscribe & Save products, the most recent order is shown first, along with the estimated arrival date and the last day to edit this delivery. (Note that Amazon’s “Estimated discounts” column does not contain deals or instant sales; it just includes savings off the single-shipment price of the items.)

At the top of the list, you can monitor future orders, any of your subscription products, or adjust your preferences — such as your mailing address, payment system, or the day on which your monthly (or weekly!) subscriptions should arrive.

If you click “Skip” next to every Subscribe & Save product, a confirmation screen appears with the option of “Yes, skip this item” or “No, do not skip.” If you choose yes, Amazon may include the missed item in your next order — but proceed with caution. By skipping an object, you forfeit any vouchers, quick savings, and/or locked-in price.

Alternatively, if you want to cancel a subscription, clip on the item’s picture. This brings up a new menu, at the bottom of which you can press “Cancel subscription.”

Amazon will inquire as to your certainty about the cancellation of your subscription to that item. To confirm your cancellation, click “Confirm cancellation.” (You are not expected to choose a justification from the drop-down menu above; the default value will suffice.)

Amazon Subscription & Savings: It’s That Easy!

If you’ve been hesitant to join Amazon Subscribe & Save, now is the time. It’s extremely simple to cancel, and it’s still worthwhile with the additional savings + free delivery. Additionally, still, check for available coupons and/or quick savings deals to pair with your Subscribe & Save discount for additional savings.